IMMUPRO™ is a comprehensive Immune-boosting formulation containing natural high ORAC antioxidants which have been shown to mitigate the effects of cellular oxidative stress brought about by free radicals.
Simply speaking, free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules which are constantly stealing electrons from our cells leading to tissue and organ stress eventually resulting in disease. This process called oxidation (very much like rusting) is a normal part of living since we breathe oxygen.

Scientists estimate that in just one second over 50 million free radicals can steal electrons from our cells. To combat oxidation caused by free radicals, our bodies continually produce antioxidants. In our modern high stress world excessive exposure to chemical pollutants and the intake of processed, nutrient-poor foods make it
harder for our bodies to cope with free radicals placing us in a state of oxidative stress. The IMMUPRO™ Mega Antioxidant formula helps replenish antioxidant levels thereby boosting the immune system.

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